About Us


Clean Beauty for Modern Lives

Wherever you are, however busy your life, SKIIN company creates clean, good-for-you solutions that complement and enhance your self-care routine so that you can glow from within. Modern lives need simple and effective products that effortlessly fit in with your daily routine so that you can enjoy the ritual of beauty and wellbeing, receiving genuine results that you really deserve.

Transparently formulated without unnecessary or harmful ingredients, our science-backed products let you take your skincare and wellbeing on a feel-good radiant journey, to leave you looking and feeling your best. All of our products are developed in Switzerland.

Meet the Founders 

SKIIN company is quite simply our passion. Everything from the brand’s philosophy the community and scientific backing reflect our personal drive for helping people discover real results.

Our own introduction to collagen was completely transformative. After suffering from acne scars and hair loss resulting in us trying every supplement available we only achieved tangible long-lasting results from bovine collagen.

Collagen supplementation didn’t just transform our hair skin and nails. It improved our wellbeing and changed our whole lifestyle and outlook on healthy living. These formative personal experiences together with a lack of products that tick all the boxes (clean, effective and easy to use) ignited our passion and we created SKIIN company to share the real power of collagen.  

Our first product, natural Collagen Beauty Boost is the ultimate skincare supplement for busy lives. A Swiss made formula backed by science that nourishes your skin, hair and nails from the inside-out with premium collagen peptides. Discover all products here.

Today, SKIIN company is a growing collection of products focusing on clean beauty, simplicity and effectiveness – inviting you to a full-circle approach to beauty and wellbeing that starts from within. Beauty is not only about how you look, it is about how you feel.


Empowering Women around the World 

We want to make a difference to women everywhere, not only as part of their beauty routines. To realise this vision, we have partnered up with Giving Women. The organisation pools together people, knowledge and financial means in order to form a bridge between women in need of support and women in a position to support them. By supporting Giving Women, we encourage all women to embrace their individuality in everything they do. To us, that's the definition of beauty!