About Us

"Beauty is not just about how you look but it’s about how you feel"

SKIIN Company is a growing collection of nutritional and skincare products focusing on quality, simplicity and effectiveness for a modern lifestyle. Inspired by our own needs, we set out to create a brand that reinvents beauty and wellbeing by combining skincare products and nutritional supplements for the perfect inside-out beauty routine.
Wherever you are, however busy your life, we create simple, good-for-you solutions that complement and enhance your self-care practice so that you can shine from within. All of our products are developed in Switzerland.



Clean and conscious beauty is at the heart of our ethos. To us, clean beauty is defined by transparent products that are consciously created, free of toxic and harmful ingredients. Formulated without unnecessary ingredients, our clean and sustainably packed products let you take your skincare and wellbeing on a feel-good radiant journey.



Your skin is a reflection of what is going on inside. SKIIN Company’s products leverage the logic of science and nutrition to create genuine effective results that you can see and feel. Our science-backed formulations are based on an understanding of how different ingredients work on the skin, hair, body and our general sense of wellbeing. By combining cosmetics and nutrition, our products aim to work holistically together to maximise beauty and wellbeing, providing you with genuine results you really deserve.



After years of comparing and testing various nutritional and skincare formulas, Sofia and Ruby were still left desiring a line of products that ticked all the boxes: clean ingredients, effective, easy to include in a modern lifestyle, (and pretty to look at).
Inspired to delve deeper, they both decided to pursue further research and education into nutrition and began to discover the link in improving beauty and wellbeing by wisely combining nutrition and skincare. Eager to share the benefits of their research with others, they set out to create a brand to enhance radiance and beauty from the inside out.

Today, SKIIN Company produces products focusing on beauty, wellbeing, effectiveness and simplicity, to leave you looking and feeling your best. 

Clean beauty SKIIN Company Switzerland


We want to make a difference to women everywhere, not only as part of their beauty routines.  

We are convinced that every woman and girl in the world has the right to health, safety, and equality. To realise this vision, we have partnered up with Giving Women; a community of informed women philanthropists that seeks to make a meaningful difference in the lives of women and girls in need, through identified projects around the world. The organisation pools together people, knowledge and financial means in order to form a bridge between women in need of support and women in a position to support them. 

By supporting Giving Women, we encourage all women to embrace their individuality in everything they do. To us, that's the definition of beauty! 
Learn more here and read the 10-year impact report.