About us

Effortless beauty

Based on the premise that living and looking healthy should be effortless, SKIIN Company develops essential nutricosmetics that are easy to add to your everyday routine. Taking a holistic point of view, our collagen supplement is made to nourish and enhance beauty, the body and general wellbeing. All of our products are made in Switzerland.

SKIIN Company was founded in 2019 in Zurich, Switzerland. Inspired by the two founders own beauty needs, they set out to create a brand that recognized the real lives and challenges of modern women and men, by formulating blends that can easily be added to one’s daily routine.

Our products are made in Switzerland because we believe the closeness to our production benefits the development of our products. In addition, Switzerland is home to one of the most advanced pharmaceutical markets in the world and offers some of the best raw materials and incredible expertise. 

Each product embraces beauty and wellbeing in its own way with a constant sense of ease and refinement. We strive to eliminate unnecessary ingredients, creating understandable and effective formulas that become favourites to reach for day after day.