About us

Based on the premise that looking and feeling your best should be effortless, SKIIN Company develops essential nutritional supplements that are easy to add to your everyday routine. Taking a holistic point of view, our nutricosmetics are made to nourish and enhance beauty, the body and general wellbeing. All of our products are developed in Switzerland.


SKIIN Company was founded in 2019 by Sofia Seckinger and Ruby Sandhu at their kitchen table in Zurich, Switzerland. Inspired by their own beauty and wellness needs, the two founders set out to create a brand that tackled skincare with a new, holistic approach, whilst being easy and convenient to add to one’s daily routine. 


“Based on the foundation that beauty starts from within, our vision was to create a brand of basic, yet refined nutricosmetics, focusing on improving beauty and wellbeing based on good nutrition. Essentially, beauty is not just about how you look but it’s about how you feel”.

“We also recognized that it can be challenging to keep healthy during our busy daily lives, so we aimed to make wellbeing convenient with products that are easy to add to an everyday routine. We wanted to move away from traditional pills and make taking supplements appealing, by creating delicious beverages and gummies”


SKIIN Company’s products are designed in Switzerland as it is home to one of the most advanced pharmaceutical markets in the world and offers some of the best raw materials and incredible expertise. We strive to create straightforward products by eliminating unnecessary ingredients, creating understandable and effective formulas that become favourites to reach for day after day.

We hope you enjoy our products!