"Beauty is not just about how you look but it’s about how you feel"

Based on the foundation that beauty starts from within, our vision is to create a brand of basic, yet refined products, focusing on improving beauty and wellbeing based on good nutrition. Our mission is to educate and inspire our customers to realise that beauty is more than skin deep. Beauty is not only about looking your best, it’s about feeling your best, and to feel your best you need nourishment from within.

Beauty is not just about how you look SKIINCOMPANY.COM


Skincare and wellbeing with a new, holistic approach

Inspired by our own beauty and wellness needs, we set out to create a brand that tackles skincare and wellbeing with a new, holistic approach. We recognise that it can be a challenge to make healthy choices during busy daily lives, so we aim to make self-care convenient and effortless with products that are easy to add to an everyday routine. Today we develop natural superfood supplements which support your skin, hair, nails, joints, gut and overall wellness. They work from the inside out, are free-from chemical ingredients and are developed in Switzerland. 


Beauty You Can Taste, Results You Can See & Feel

Our products leverage the logic of science and the beauty of clean ingredients, without using artificial colours or flavours, to create genuine results that you can see and feel. We develop our products in Switzerland as it is home to one of the most advanced pharmaceutical markets in the world and offers some of the best raw materials and incredible expertise. We strive to create straightforward products by eliminating unnecessary ingredients creating understandable and effective formulas that become favourites to reach for day after day. Read more about the science of our products here.


"I am my first customer"

“I am my first customer. I was inspired to co-found SKIIN Co. after discovering I was able to transform and improve the health conditions I had been dealing with for years, by wisely using supplements and nutrition. I was eager to share the benefits of what I had researched and learnt with others, so I set out to create a brand that focused on improving wellbeing from the inside out.

I’ve had rosacea for many years, I felt stiffness in my joints without knowing what it was, I’ve suffered hair loss at times, and I constantly had troubles with my gut health. I tried many remedies without seeing much improvement to my health. The turning point came when I suffered from a hernia and was about to undergo surgery. I couldn’t believe there was no other option. I sat up all night searching for alternatives and only when I started to look into nutrition did I find the solution which became my rescue - I began to understand the key link between my body’s tissue, joints, my gut, and skin health.

 On the search for supplements to support my body, I noticed that many were loaded with fillers and unnecessary ingredients. Not giving up, I began to experiment with different combinations and blends in my kitchen, testing them on myself until I noticed positive changes in my body. With regular use of simple, clean and high quality ingredients, I noticed that my IBS was gone, I looked fresher, my hair had grown longer than my average shoulder length, and most notably I eventually didn’t need to go through with the surgery. Shortly afterwards SKIIN company was born, as we began producing our products using the same ingredients and blends that I found had helped me. For once, I felt really good in my own skin and body and I realised that beauty isn’t about looking the best, it’s about feeling your best…and what better feeling than to share this with others?

Sofia, SKIIN Company co-founder


Science Based Beauty


Beauty is not just about how you look SKIINCOMPANY.COM