Glowing skin, what to eat and what to not eat – and why?

We are sorry to disappoint you – but glowing radiant skin doesn’t come over night, even if that mask you just bought promised you just that. Good skin health means good overall health taken into account your body and your well being.
Did you know that the largest organ in our bodies is in fact the skin? The average human has about 2 meters of skin and the function of the skin is to protect the body from external factors such as bacteria, chemicals, and temperature. Given the main functions of skin mentioned above you can very well imagine that the more ‘dirt’ on the inside of our bodies the ‘less glowy’ the skin will look on the outside.


Ok next; glowing, radiant skin? Let’s start with our biggest enemy first; sugar.

Sugar evidently make our skin wrinkly, saggy and prone to acne. Why? It causes our blood sugar levels to spike resulting in two things:


Glycation is a chemical process when a sugar molecule binds itself to a protein in your skin like collagen; it destroys its function and makes it stiff. Although glycation is a natural part of the ageing process – it is intensified by how much sugar is in your diet.


Sugar triggers a release of the hormone insulin into your blood stream and insulin in turn, trigger production of sebum which causes acne when we have too much of it.

Simply put – try to reduce foods with a high glycemic index like cookies and sweets to maintain normal blood sugar levels. A ‘fun fact’ to add is that people living in undeveloped countries without much access to ‘western diets’ (processes food and sugar) have reported close to 0 acne issues.


Now let’s talk about what we should eat to get that glow.


Proteins are the building blocks of your skin, so make sure you get enough of it (especially if you are vegetarian or vegan). Stock up on foods like meat, beans and nuts. If you don’t eat enough proteins you will lack essential amino acids that go into making collagen – which makes your skin healthy and supple.

Fruits and vegetables

There are so many great fruit and vegetables and if we have to pick, our favorite ones are:

Apples (with skin on) - contains fibers supports digestion and helps eliminate toxins in our bodies.

Avocado - is packed with Zink that helps reduce acne and balance oily skin.

Blueberries - contains powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals and reduce inflammation.

Carrots – contains beta carotene that the body converts into vitamin A (retinol) that stimulates skin cell production.

Strawberries – contains ellagic acid that helps reduce skin pigmentation like dark spots from sun (essentially it is blocking the activity of an enzyme involved in melanin production).

Water melon – packed with lycopene (an antioxidant) that helps protect us from UV and sun damage


The gut health

Maybe the most important part of all to make us glow is our gut. From having gut pain, feeling bloated or simply not a healthy digestion will all makes us looking dull.

This is where pre and probiotics comes in; probiotics are the living bacteria in our gut and prebiotics are the foods they live from - and it’s important that you have a balanced team of those inside your gut. Foods to support your gut is for probiotics yogurt and fermented foods – and pre biotic are usually fibers like apples and oats. There are also a ton of supplement on the market but be aware to pick the right one.

Personal tips:

Last but not least, let me share a few personal tips that you can do on the go – and implement everyday:

Stand with your head down and swing your arms for 1 minute – the blood rushing to your head creates a flow and carries out toxins and brings new oxygen.

Drink a glass of hot lemon water in the morning together with your collagen supplement  – it heats up our bodies, flushing out toxins and starts digestion.

If you eat a meal with lots of sugar you can drink apple cider vinegar right after as that mutes your blood sugar to spike.

If you have a hard time sleeping – take collagen supplement at night, the amino acid glycine in collagen will help you sleep faster and better – you can also add magnesium.

And….think about your skin next time you are in a bar.