3 Ways to Add Collagen to Your Day

With collagen you can easily boost your beauty from within. Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body and promotes natural radiance and wellness. It’s a powerful supplement that can do the following for you;

⋆ Promotes healthy, radiant skin
⋆ Helps to improve skin hydration and elasticity
⋆ Provides anti-ageing support
⋆ Contributes to stronger hair and nail growth
⋆ Supports bones, joints, immune system and gut health
⋆ Assists in boosting metabolism

Collagen is essentially a beauty superfood to nourish you from the inside out! That’s why adding collagen into your daily routine can keep skin looking plump and smooth all while reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Here are three ways to add collagen to your day.

3 Ways to Add Collagen to Your Day SKIIN COMPANY

In your morning coffee or breakfast smoothie.

Why not start the day by addressing your skin care needs from the inside out? A smart tip is to put your collagen supplement on your bathroom shelf, that way you will be reminded when your start your morning skincare routine.

The specialised proteins found in collagen play an important role in cell regeneration to promote skin elasticity and strengthen hair and nails.

Moreover, collagen supplements are mostly flavourless, and can be easily stirred into just about anything. Not a coffee drinker? Don’t worry! Try stirring our Beauty Boost premium collagen powder into your tea, plain water or a smoothie or otherwise your oatmeal or yoghurt for a boost of skin-enhancing benefits.

3 Ways to Add Collagen to Your Day SKIIN COMPANY
Add collagen to dressings, dips or beverage of your choice. If you’re looking for a lunch boost that won’t cause you to crash, consider adding your collagen supplement to your lunch by adding it to salad dressings, dips, soups or maybe your afternoon coffee. Collagen is full of the amino acid glycine, which can help improve mood. A study examining the effects of glycine on sleep-restricted subjects found that glycine helped study participants with work-related anxiety and reduced fatigue throughout the day

3 Ways to Add Collagen to Your Day SKIIN COMPANY
A caffeine free cup of tea with collagen. Having trouble sleeping, or waking up feeling sluggish? If so, the glycine found in collagen supplements may help. A 2012 review found that glycine can lower core body temperature, one of the requirements for quality sleep. Taking collagen at night might be an easy way to help you get the rest you need. Add a sachet of collagen to your evening tea or a simple glass of water.

Adding collagen to your daily routine is a simple way to improve your skin, reduce joint discomfort and even enhance the quality of your sleep. Add SKIIN Company's premium Swiss made Beauty Boost with hydrolysed collagen peptides into your daily routine. Available here.