What are nutricosmetics?

Creams, serums, make-up… these are cosmetics we know well and stock up in our bathrooms. Now a new generation of products are emerging, that are enjoying a great success - these are nutricosmetics. Nutricosmetics are products and ingredients that act as nutritional supplements to support the function and the structure of the skin, nails, and hair. They work from the inside to promote beauty from within. Learn more about Nutricosmetics in this blogpost, what Nutricosmetics are, why you might want to try Nutricosmetics and what to expect when using them.


What they are

Nutricosmetics are the perfect combination between nutrition, nutraceuticals, and personal care. They provide concentrated natural health formulas targeted to support the overall health and appearance of your skin, hair, and nails by nourishing the body to bring natural beauty out from within. The belief that, “if you feel well, you’ll look well” is really at the heart of the nutricosmetics industry. Simply put it’s the idea of having a 360 degree, holistic approach to skincare and beauty.

You might think that Nutricosmetics are a new thing but in fact, one of the pioneers in this field, and by many considered as the "Father of internal skincare" is the Swedish biochemist Ake Dahlgren. He invented the world's first nutricosmetic in the late 1980s called Imedeen.


Why you might want to try nutricosmetics

While eating a balanced diet and having a healthy lifestyle will keep you healthy inside and out, nutricosmetics can bridge the gap between nutritional deficiencies in the diet or provide the nutrients required to maintain a healthy rate of skin renewal and protect skin from environmental stressors that cause premature ageing. As we get older, our natural skin defenses become slower, as does our ability to renew healthy skin cells.

With nutricosmetics, we get to the heart of the action. The epidermis (the outer and superficial layer of skin) is not the appropriate target for long-term action. Epidermis cells are intended for deterioration and are therefore not the right target to delay skin ageing. We must target the more in-depth layers of the skin, the dermis and hypoderm, that is to say in the heart of skin.

By giving our skin the active ingredients it needs, we renew it from the inside, in a sustainable way. These active ingredients transit through the digestive tract. They are absorbed into the intestine and then circulate in the body thanks to carriers. They allow the passage of several molecules (vitamins, amino acids, etc.) which get together and are absorbed by the blood. 

Once the molecules have passed through the blood, the nutrients circulate throughout the body, which is responsible for smart and balanced distribution. Nutricosmetics work wherever the skin or scalp need help. By choosing to provide the cells of the dermis and hypodermis the nutrients and the active ingredients they need in order to produce essential molecules for skin wellness, nutricosmetics offer a deep and focused response. In this way, with the supply of collagen for example, nutricosmetics promise firmer skin, which will also be softer, more luminous and better protected against external aggressions.

However, as nutricosmetics are food supplements, it is important to keep in mind that the effects are not immediate but appear after continuous use. Nutricosmetics have a better long-term effectiveness.


What to Expect When You Use Them

Unlike a topical cream or treatment, nutricosmetics are taken orally and work from the inside to promote healthy skin from within. Meaning that, you’re going to have to be a little patient as far as seeing the results. Skin cells generally renew every three to five weeks (and this slows down with age) so typical changes in skin appearance occur after four to eight weeks of use.