Wake up call: Stephanies Lieblinge für einen guten Start in den Tag

When the alarm clock rings in the morning, it means: Get up, a new day is just around the corner! The morning is full of energy and vitality: HEYDAY founder Stephanie has a few tips on how we can make the morning hours work for us.

Wake up call: Stephanies Lieblinge für einen guten Start in den Tag

Do you sometimes find it difficult to get out of bed? Some people just don't wake up as quickly in the morning as others. I often feel that way. That's why my top priority is: no stress in the morning! I prefer to get up a little earlier so that I have more time for myself in the morning. To get going after getting up, I do a few stretching or fitness exercises for my tired muscles and fasciae. Important: Make sure you practice regularly - no matter how short or long the night before was. My tip: Get your yoga mat and workout tools like bands and weights ready in the evening. Then there are no more excuses!

3. Beautiful skin from the inside

I boost my skin not only from the outside, but also from the inside. So the Beauty Boost Collagen powder from Skiin Company is part of my daily morning ritual. The collagen it contains ensures healthy hair, skin, nails, joints and supports healthy digestion. A big plus is that the powder is heat stable and neutral in taste. So I can either stir it into my morning coffee, juice or smoothie. You can buy Beauty Boost from Skiin Company HERE.

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