The Best Time to Take Collagen for Your Beauty and Health Goals

Curious if there’s a best time to take collagen? Truth be told, you can reap the benefits of collagen by taking it at any time of day. However, if you have specific beauty or health goals, you can strategize your timing to maximize your results. If your goal is anti-aging and beauty, try adding it to your morning beauty routine to improve your hair, skin, and nails. Or if you’re looking for recovery and inflammation support, take it in the evening to support gut and joint health while enjoying a restful night’s sleep.  

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The Best Time of Day to Take Collagen for Beauty

You already prioritize beauty each morning with your cleansing, moisturizing, and makeup regimen so why not make a dose of the anti-aging protein collagen the final step in your daily routine?

Taking a sachet of collagen each morning can improve your skin elasticity and strengthen nails and hair – working from the inside out! The amino acid, glucosamine, and collagen protein in collagen play a key role in the regeneration of cells, which decline as we age. Specifically, the presence of the collagen compound prolyl-hydroxyproline can trigger skin cells to produce more hyaluronic acid, which can help your skin to retain moisture and defend your skin from toxins.

Getting your morning dose of collagen couldn’t be easier. Just add one sachet of collagen to your morning coffee or tea and stir! Our Collagen Beauty Boost flavorless and dissolves easily in 30 seconds in hot liquids so all you’ll taste is the flavor of your favorite morning beverage – while reaping all the anti-aging and beauty benefits.

Collagen also makes a great addition to your morning baked goods! For a collagen boost, add a sachet of collagen beauty boost to your morning oatmeal or try our delicious morning juice recipes!


The Best Time of Day to Take Collagen for Health

After a long day at the office or a tough workout at the gym, taking collagen in the evening can help you unwind and relax, while giving your body some much needed TLC.

Glycine makes up about one-third of the protein in collagen and helps form creatine, which builds muscle and eases joint pain, giving you the recovery you need at the end of the day. The presence of glycine can also promote healthy sleep patterns, making collagen an excellent choice before bed. You can rest easy (quite literally!) knowing collagen can help you get to sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. 

The abundant sources of gelatin and amino acids in collagen also provide soothing relief to your intestinal wall, helping to ease digestion after dinner, while improving overall gut health. To benefit from taking collagen in the evening, simply pour a scoop of collagen into your evening hot tea or beverage of choice for a soothing treat.

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The Best Time of Day to Take Collagen for Beauty

Regardless of time; can I take Collagen on an empty stomach?

There are many people who claim taking collagen on an empty stomach provides them with the best results. Many people abide by this method because you need stomach acid to digest proteins, so in theory, taking collagen on an empty stomach ensures you will be able to better break down the collagen. 

Some swear by taking collagen in the morning while your stomach is empty to maximize absorption. Others swear by taking it at night so your body has ample time to process the collagen while you sleep. To date, there has been no conclusive evidence that taking collagen at a certain time of day provides the best results. You do not need to take collagen on an empty stomach to obtain the benefits, and you can take it any time of the day. When and whether you decide to take it with or without food is up to you!