The 30-minute recovery plan from your late-night

When you cut into your beauty sleep the night before, the results are apparent on your face the next day. This is compounded if you have a cold, drank too much or simply have children under three years old. Here's our 30-minute beauty hackathon if you need to look and feel good the next day.


  • Rehydrate! It won’t be so bad if you took the above advice, but your body will still need help. A hangover is basically the effect of poisoning yourself with alcohol and then increasing your cortisol levels (stress hormone), by a lack of sleep.
  • Add a sachet of collagen to your glass of water, our Beauty Boost will do magic on your hangover day! 
  • Pop two Glow Gummies and enjoy the glow from inside out  
  • Jump in the shower. Make it a warm one: your skin has suffered enough, and you don’t need the adrenaline spike from cold water.
  • Cleanse properly. No matter how careful you are, you always miss something when you are drunk or tired.
  • Don’t forget to tone and moisturise. Use an oil-based serum under your moisturiser, if you have one. It helps to plump your skin and repair the damage, especially around your eyes and nose.
  • If you are prone to dark circles under your eyes, seek out a soothing under-eye cream to fix it. The best ones contain Hyaluronic Acid for fine lines or retinol ( also called Vitamin A) for plumping the skin. Failing that, you can reduce the puffiness with slices of cold cucumber and following up with a little coconut oil if you have it on hand.
The 30-minute recovery plan from your late-night
  • Use a luxury scent. You might not feel up to morning meditation or yoga session, but you can sniff a perfume that you love. Your sense of smell is hardwired to your memory and pleasure sensors, so it’s an easy way to start the day off well.
  • Eat well. Your sleep-deprived brain craves sugar, but what your body actually needs is slow-release carbs and protein. Select porridge, eggs, low-sugar muesli or high fibre cereal such as Shredded Wheat. It can be hard to resist the temptation of a fresh bagel or a bacon butty, but you are more likely to crash again at 11 am when the sugar spike from the bread wears off. If you prepared breakfast before you went out, convenience would win over sugar cravings.
  • Select pumps or trainers with your outfit. Shoes with high heels throw your posture and balance off, hurting your feet, knees, lower back and spine. While you are suffering from fatigue, give your body a chance to recover without them.

Facing a busy day with sleep deprivation is never fun. However, with a little self-care woven into your morning routine, you will find it easier to cope and recover from the after-effects, with a glow to your skin.