Taking your supplements on holiday

Many people take a break from their supplements when they go on holiday - either because they can't pack them or else because they are out of their normal routine. Don't suffer from breaking usual habits - there is no better time than now to take your supplements in a time of consuming sugar and other not so healthy treats. They do everything from helping you gradually de-stress, to digesting that gingerbread, to providing energy so that you can deal with excited family members over the holiday period.

The winter may seem like a time when many things are decomposing and losing life but there’s actually plenty of healing that can happen during these colder months although it may not be visible to the naked eye. While we often think of wellness in terms of what we can see and apply on the outside, there’s a lot that can happen on the inside. 

By packing a few holiday-friendly supplements, you can stay healthy both physically and mentally during this time. They do everything from helping you digest that gingerbread, to de-stressing and providing an energy boost so that you can deal with your grandparents and parents-in-law. Here are our four best Christmas supplement tips to get your holiday going.

www.skiincompany.com taking your supplements on holiday in the winter

Vitamin D

Since vitamin D production is triggered when our skin is exposed to the sun most people produce very little or none at all throughout the dark winter months. Vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium – a key ingredient in keeping bones and teeth strong. Adults, especially in the wintertime often experience aches and pains in their bones and muscles and taking vitamin D can help prevent that from happening. While we still don’t know all of the health benefits of vitamin D, between October and March you have little chance of being able to get the vitamin D from your diet or the sun alone so it’s worth thinking about adding it to your daily diet. 


If bloating and acidity are a common occurrence then probiotics are meant for you! It is a well-known fact that probiotics are important for your digestive health. They help in providing good bacteria to your gut and facilitate healing of a damaged gut lining. Consuming probiotics is even more important in winter as a healthy gut can also improve the body’s immune system. You can increase intake of probiotics through your diet by including fermented foods such as kefir kimchi and yogurt in your diet or by adding a probiotic supplement. 


Collagen is the most abundant protein found in our bodies and essential for keeping your largest organ your skin strong and elastic plus it aids in hydration and helps to repair wounds and stretch marks. Certain studies have found that using collagen supplements for about two months helps improve skin elasticity and skin moisture and it also reduces water loss (dryness) and skin roughness. In addition to fighting dry and irritated skin this winter, collagen protein can help your fingernails hair and teeth to grow and stay strong plus it gets your digestive system going, which may be helpful during Christmas times. 


Magnesium supports bone and muscle health and enables your immune system to function properly protecting you from illnesses such as the common cold. It also makes your muscles relax and can improve your sleep but most important of all magnesium helps the body to absorb vitamin D so that the body can put it to use.