Post-Workout Smoothie Bowl

Our post-workout smoothie bowl has your recovery game covered. This bright green smoothie bowl is packed with nutrient dense ingredients like kale, mango, spinach, and coconut water.  Add in a couple of easy to source supplements, and you have some of the best superfoods you can give your body to optimize your recovery.  Whether you’re just getting back from lifting weights, running, working on your strength training, or are a busy mum that has been running around cleaning the house and doing laundry, this post-workout smoothie bowl will nourish you!

The two magical ingredients in this smoothie bowl are spirulina and collagen peptides.

What makes it so green? Spirulina!

Spirulina is both antioxidant packed and is full of anti-inflammatory phycocyanin. By exercising you’re inducing oxidative stress (which is a good thing) and by providing your body with the nutrients and phycocyanin properties of spirulina, you’re helping to minimise the oxidation and muscle fatigue that can occur in your workout.

Why so good for a workout? Collagen Peptides!

The post-workout smoothie bowl needs a good dose of protein to be the ultimate post-workout smoothie recipe. Adding collagen peptides gives it a healthy dose of protein and more benefits. We naturally have collagen, it’s the most abundant protein in our muscles, skin, and ligaments, but as we age our ability to produce collagen slows down. With workouts and daily wear and tear, we break the collagen down. Wrinkles and joint pain? These could be related to a lack of collagen. Adding collagen peptides as a daily supplement is very beneficial whether you’re male or female, 20, 40 or 60 years old, active or inactive. Remember that collagen supports joints, ligaments and tendons. It makes our skin shine and our hair grow stronger. Last but not least, it supports in building muscle and keeps our gut healthy.


Mix it all in a blender and voila – smoothie done!