My 5-Step Morning Skin Care Routine for Glowing Skin

My skin care regimen, and more specifically my morning skin care routine, tends to change based on the seasons and the state of my skin. As we are in the middle of the summer, I’m exfoliating lightly because my skin may be sensitive from the heat and sun, and using moisture-building bases (think oils and moisturising serums) that are less heavy (or fatty) than those I was using in the winter.

As a quick rule of thumb, skin care products should be applied lightest to heaviest. 

It’s not just about the products that I’m using but the order in which I use them. By applying skin care products in the most effective way, you’re making sure that they’re working properly and that you’re not wasting your money on expensive skin care. So if you’re interested to find out what my morning skin care routine looks like, read on for more details.

My 5-Step Morning Skin Care Routine for Glowing Skin - SKIIN COMPANY SWITZERLAND


In the morning, I only cleanse with water. This is because I do a full nighttime cleanse, in which I remove makeup and dirt, and I often still feel the product the next morning. To be honest, my skin has never looked better than it does when I cleanse with water in the mornings.


Following cleansing, I use a micellar water to add a barrier to my skin. This helps to act as a good foundation for all that is to come next. My favourite micellar water contains small amounts of rose petals which are great for helping the actives penetrate into the skin (next step).


Now it’s time for what I call “the do’ers.” Products that contain an ingredient intended to achieve a certain effect are considered “actives.” They tend to be the “brightening” products or “correctors.” These products, plus serums, work on certain issues, concerns, or benefits for your skin. A serum is applied first, so that it seeps right into the skin. I then like to apply my actives and let them sit for a few minutes before the next steps. Doing this will help seal in the other products. I very often use Vitamin-C serums in the morning. 


I’ll then move onto moisturiser. I like rather light but creamy face moisturisers for the day. I’ll add the cream by patting it on my face and then massaging it in to the skin with upward strokes. I tend to spend a few minutes on this process. This helps to work the product into my skin and I feel pampered with a mini-facial massage.

As a quick rule of thumb, skin care products should be applied lightest to heaviest.
As a quick rule of thumb, skin care products should be applied lightest to heaviest. 

You should always apply sunscreen. I spend a lot of time outside as well as in the office right in front of my computer screen and I am convinced that even if there are very few studies on the effect that blue light has on our skins, I am sure that the extra protection helps! I’ll pat this product into the skin lightly, as if I am sealing everything in with it.


While skin care products vary from person to person, the order you use them in can mean the difference between an effective routine and throwing money down the drain. This summer, why not give this order a try and see how your skin responds?