Meet The Founders

Ruby Sandhu and Sofia Seckinger are the co-founders of Swiss beauty brand SKIIN company. Before becoming nutritional experts focusing on skincare and wellbeing, Ruby and Sofia worked as colleagues together in the field of finance. Their shared ‘inside-out’ holistic approach to beauty was the inspiration for the beginning stages of their supplement line.

SKIIN company was born after much thought and consideration about the science of beauty. Ruby and Sofia wanted to create products that seamlessly complemented any beauty routine, through supplements which support hair, skin and nails. The ethos of SKIIN company is basic, clean, and effective skincare for the girl on-the-go, built together with their online community.

Ruby and Sofia knew that their audience cared about and deserved, clean products, which is why every SKIIN company product is free of unnecessary, harmful ingredients. The co-founders wanted to start from the inside-out by launching two complimentary supplements: collagen Beauty Boost and vitamin Glow Gummies.

Subsequently, they are planning to release topical skincare products, one at a time so as not to not overwhelm their community. Their business strategy shows that you don’t have to have many products to be successful.

Meet the founders of SKIIN company Switzerland

How did you both enter the world of beauty?

Ruby: Simple, holistic beauty rituals are such a big part of my Indian heritage. For centuries, we have been using whatis grown on our land for beauty and health purposes. We’ve been somewhat ahead of the curve in using ingredients that are now becoming sought after in the western world (turmeric, coconut oil etc.). This full circle approach of paying attention to what you eat, as well as what you are putting on your skin and hair has always been a natural way of life in the Indian culture, and for myself. 

Sofia: Being passionate about nutrition and being a certified nutritionist, I would often get questions about the skin and the types of foods and creams that help acne, scars and other skin problems. That made me focus on the beauty aspect of nutrition and on which ingredients in foods and creams would help. I knew what worked, what my community wanted, and what they were missing. 


Why did you decide to launch your own brand?

Ruby: I’ve always thought about beauty as a holistic concept rather than looking at the body as a series of disconnected causes and effects. I noticed that most brands didn’t (and still don’t) take a 360-degree approach to beauty so I felt the urge to fill this gap with products that work from the inside out.

Sofia: I was fortunate enough to have an engaged online community prior to launching our brand, who expressed what they wanted and what was missing. I had exactly the same experiences as them – I found it incredibly hard to find supplements and skincare products that were clean, effective and had a brand story that I connected with.

At the same time, Ruby and I were sitting next to each other as work colleagues sharing details about our favourite brands, ingredient lists and their effectiveness. One day we envisioned what the perfect beauty brand would look like – that same day we went to Starbucks and decided what our future brand would be called.


What are the ethos behind SKIIN COMPANY?

Ruby: The ethos behind SKIIN Company is a clean, holistic, 360 degree approach to beauty. Our products are created for the girl on-the-go — juggling busy schedules, motherhood, traveling, and multiple roles at home and at work – pretty much inspired by our own needs. We set out to create a brand that reinvents beauty and wellbeing by combining skincare products and nutritional supplements for the perfect inside-out beauty routine.

Sofia: Clean skincare that works, built for our community of people on-the-go so wherever you are, however busy your life, we create simple, good-for-you solutions that complement and enhance your self-care practice so that you can shine from within.


How did you come up with the name?

Ruby: We wanted a name that reflected what we did and we wanted to include the word skin as our main focus. We were tired of all the complex, confusing names used for products in the beauty industry (like simple Vitamin C serumswhich are called ‘super booster vitalising hydration drops’ – huh?!) and decided that whatever we did we would stickwith transparent, straightforward concepts. So we came up with our name - a company for skin…which we named SKIIN company.


What’s your definition of clean beauty? 

Sofia: To us, clean beauty is defined by transparent products that are consciously created, free of toxic and harmful ingredients. We always formulate our products without unnecessary ingredients and try to package our products in sustainable ways in order for all of us to feel good while using our products.

Ruby: Personally, I became obsessed with ingredient lists and clean beauty while pregnant with my now two-year-old son. I struggled to find effective products that would support me during this time and instead ended up excluding most everyday supplemens and skincare products. That challenge to create products with “good for you” ingredients always inspired us during formulation. Our first two products were created while I was pregnant and Sofia and I still stick to a list of “don’t use” ingredients, which you won’t find in our products.


Why did you decide to launch with supplements?

Ruby: We decided to start from the inside-out, in line with our own views about how skincare really works. Our goal is to also offer a complete range of topical skincare however if we didn’t begin with supplements, we wouldn’t live up to our core message that beauty starts on the inside. 

Sofia: The skincare market is very saturated and overwhelming, and we really wanted to concentrate on one concept at a time, starting with the ‘inside-out concept’ as that is where beauty really starts. There’s definitely a high risk as it is new to many but Ruby and I felt strongly about our holistic 360 degree approach to skincare from the start.


Have you faced many obstacles? 

Ruby: Of course, there are so many challenges in business and every day it seems like there is something new to overcome no matter how big or small it is. Sofia and I are really grateful to be able to do it together. Sharing all of the highs and lows with each other makes it a lot easier and really enjoyable.

Sofia: Of course, starting a business comes with challenges you don’t anticipate! However we are solutions-focused and we always say there’s never a crisis but only an opportunity to learn and reassess. Ruby and I are very flexible despite having kids and other responsibilities. We always remain positive and ready to evolve and adjust if necessary. I’d say having the willingness to make changes and not be too attached to one idea has been key in our journey.


What has been your biggest achievement?

Ruby: I’m really proud of so many parts of our journey! Two moments really stand out to me: the first time we tried one of our final formulations (which we worked on for over two years) and the first time we saw our products on store shelves in Zurich (it was a great feeling)!

Sofia: Being able to see our products being used is one mind blowing thing to me. And being able to build and interact with our community and seeing all of these different people all around the world use our products is such a proud moment for us.


What’s next for SKIIN Company? 

Ruby: We are currently working on a number of new formulations! Everything we create comes directly from our community as an idea and goes to our lab to be designed and formulated. We listen to what they want next from us, and their answers inspire our product pipeline!

Sofia: We are so excited to be able to launch in new countries and get our products to more people around Europe. We love to hear about the products our communities want us to create next. So if there’s something that you want from SKIIN Company be sure to send us a DM!