Hair goals? Expert tips on how to get glossy, long hair naturally

Let’s face it, we ALL want hair that is shiny and glistens in the sunshine. But what causes shiny, glossy hair and is it good if you have it, and how to get that glossy, long hair naturally? Well it’s time to expand your hair knowledge and make your dreams come true with our gloss-boosting guide.

What causes shiny hair?

Well, each hair has a cuticle, which like a mirror reflects a certain ratio of light. When hair appears shiny, this is the reflection of light through the cuticle. When light hits the cuticle, it goes through it, absorbing the colour of your hair, and then reflecting back. Also, the more layers, the higher the ratio of light can be reflected, causing more intense shine.

Is it good if your hair is shiny?

People often think that shiny hair is a sign of it being healthy. Is this the case? There are other signs of healthy hair, but shiny hair could very well indicate that cuticles are doing their job, and that natural oil is present but also being distributed through your hair. 

Is shiny hair genetic?

Having good hair genes can play a vital role in having shiny, glossy hair. Yes, some lucky people are born with it including hair that is naturally healthy, straight or a darker hue

 Hair goals? Expert tips on how to get glossy, long hair naturally

Now, let’s get down to business of how to get that gloss going. Here’s 6 tips from the experts.


1. Eat right

Like beauty, great hair starts from within. L-cysteine and arginine are some of the essential amino acids that helps your body make keratin, a protein critical for glossy hair growth. You normally make enough of these, but with stress or illness can give your body’s own levels a battering. Super proof your shine with premium collagen supplements like our Collagen Beauty Boost and a diet rich in eggs, soy, walnuts, and sunflower seeds, and grains such as barley, oat bran, durum wheat and spelt – all packed with lock-friendly L-cysteine. 


2. Supplement your diet

Hair care supplements like our Glow Gummies will help support thicker and healthier looking hair. For example, Vitamin B6 and B12 activates the metabolism of proteins found in hair follicles to support growth. Ensuring you have enough Biotin, Selenium, Zinc in your diet can also help ensure you hair doesn’t look dull and prevents hair follicle breakages. Read this post about all ingredients and what they will do for you. 


3. Clean your hair properly

Letting products build up on hair over time can lead to flat, dull, and lifeless hair. Add to this that many chemical shampoos and products disrupt your hair’s natural pH levels, affecting hair cuticles and the scalp’s condition, and you’ll agree we need to hit the reboot button! One of the easiest ways to strip things back to how nature intended is by using Apple Cider Vinegar, which is high in “good acid” and has a pH level close to that of our natural healthy hair. Make a cleaning spritz by mixing equal amounts of Apple Cider Vinegar and water to use after shampooing. Leave it on for at least three minutes – the time it takes the vinegar to break down the bad stuff, so it’s easily rinsed away. Or you can use a detoxing shampoo.


3. Moisturise your hair! 

Use a natural, daily, and lightweight conditioner or an occasional natural hair mask to really give the hair the moisture it needs and deserves. Go for a product that is rich in nutrient oils such as avocado or olive oil. Nutrient oils smooth out cracks in the hair follicle. We should take care of cracks, as these can lead to frizz and dullness.


5. Rinse hair with cold water

Time for an experiment. After washing your hands, and you have used hot water to rinse, do you notice that they can feel dry and rough? Try doing the same but rinse with cold water - do you find they remain soft? Cue everyone running to the nearest sink. It’s the same for your hair. If you don’t fancy a cold shower, (which in the winter months who would?) that’s fine, have a hot one but brave the cold when it comes to rinsing your hair. Cool water seals cuticles, keeping the hair shaft laying down, which leads to shinier, healthy looking hair.


6. Pick the right hairbrush

Yes, that is right, choosing the right hairbrush does make a difference. Aggressive and continuous tugging on your hair with nylon bristles can lead to more breakages. Using natural bristles are better, as they are gentler on your hair and can help in distributing the oils from root to tip, making it glossier.