A Spa in your bathroom

The autumn nights are drawing in, making your home the natural choice to relax and play in. While most of us cannot afford to visit the spa every week, recreating the effects in your bathroom can work wonder for your stress levels and skin.
Light a few, well-placed candles, start that music going and set aside a glass of water (or wine…). A Spa in your bathroom www.skiincompany.com

1) Ruthlessly declutter and clean the bathroom

The first thing you see when you walk into the spa is clean, uncluttered surfaces. The same applies to your bathroom: even the smallest room can offer a sense of space.

Remove anything that does not directly contribute to your spa experience. Ideally, you should be able to put it away in a bathroom cabinet and shut the door but if you are struggling, add everything to a plastic laundry basket (in case of spillages) and relegate to a safe spot in another room.

Next, clean as much as you can, paying particular attention to your bath or shower. If you have a shower curtain over the tub, consider removing it, just for the evening. Another nice touch is a new, fluffy bathroom mat: your feet deserve as much pampering as the rest of you!

2) Set the mood

Now it’s time to relax. Line up your spa bottles on a clean, folded towel. Light a few, well-placed candles, start that music going and set aside a glass of water (or wine…). Slip into your fluffy bathrobe and run that bath.

There are a lot of commercial candidates vying for your bathwater, from oils to bath bombs, but we recommend keeping it simple. Epsom salts to soak in and a good, high-quality essential oil of your choice (we like rose, lavender, frankincense or chamomile).

A Spa in your bathroom www.skiincompany.com

3) Love your skin

This is an excellent point to prep your skin, without letting that bath steam go to waste. Make sure your bathroom door is closed, so the room’s ambient temperature remains the same.

Start by removing your make-up. If you have a substantial base of foundation or suncream, removing it with olive oil and a warm face-cloth is more effective than standard cleansing water. To avoid spot break-outs, you can also use a foaming wash after the oil and add in a simple sugar scrub if your complexion is looking dull.

Next, dry-brush your body with a loofah or hand mitt. This removes dead skin, increases circulation and generally feels good.

Apply your hair or face masks. Clay-based masks are trendy at the moment, containing glycolic or salicylic acid while damp hair benefits from coconut oil or a moisturising creme if it’s chemically treated. You can also add a specific eye mask, although these are better kept for the bedroom, afterwards.

4) Make the most of the moment

Slip into your bath and enjoy the atmosphere. Allow yourself anything from 10 minutes to an hour in your home spa. It’s actually an ideal time to dream, meditate or reflect on the week you have had, as well as catch up on your reading. Your spa remains one of your screen-free retreats, where you set the pace.

If you are planning a more extended session, remember to regularly hydrate 

Wash off your hair and face in more cooling water than your bath’s temperature, for maximum impact

Have a warm towel handy, just for your hair. It’s a lot more luxurious and retains the heat to your head when you step out of the bathroom.

A Spa in your bathroom. www.skiincare.com

5) Aftercare

After your bath is the ideal time to exfoliate your heels and apply foot and hand cream. If you want to add an extra layer of hydration, spritz a body oil onto your skin and pat dry with your towel. Ideally, you should be ready to drift to sleep in crisp, clean bedsheets or ask your partner if they would oblige with a massage.

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The best thing about your in-house spa experience is the chance to experiment with your routines and vary them by season or need. So, you can pick an uplifting scent and facial peel for a mini-spa in the shower before a night out. Or you can go for relaxing lavender bubbles after a stressful week away. Enjoy the time – and the smooth transition from the spa to the bedroom.